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Exhausted?  Stressed-out?  Feeling sick or overwhelmed?  

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Maria Headshot rotatedHello, I’m Maria Saracen, a board certified health coach and the host and creator of From Fatigued to Fabulous!

Just a few short years ago, I was chronically exhausted, sick, overweight and living my life from nap to nap.  Worst of all, I had been living this way for over a decade before I finally discovered the incredibly simple and natural solutions that literally transformed my life.

I don’t want anyone to waste as much time as I did, going around and around in circles, which is why I created From Fatigued to Fabulousan interview series featuring 16 fabulous women who are experts in nutrition, stress-relief, yoga, meditation, simple living, functional medicine and so much more.
In over 8 hours of interviews, you’ll learn about fascinating tips to help you detoxify your body and home as well as nutrition upgrades we can all make – along with some of the pitfalls to avoid. You’ll also learn about curing yourself of the disease to please, ways to de-stress and re-energize your body and strategies to help you de-clutter your life and home.  
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This interview package also comes with a handy 40-page companion guide in PDF format, filled with all the juicy details from the interviews including links to all the useful resources. The guide will also tell you how you can take advantage of the many offers and discounts generously made available by the fabulous women I interviewed for one-on-one and group coaching, transformational self-study programs and more. 

I’ll also include two great freebies, a copy of my guide, 7 Steps to BOOST Your Energy Starting Today, and details on how you can download free e-book chapters of one of my favorite nutrition books, Integrative Nutrition. 
Keep in mind that each interview is in MP3 format which means you can listen to it during your commute, while you’re exercising or cooking dinner or even in the bathtub!

60 day guaranteeOn top of all this, there’s a 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so if you don’t absolutely LOVE all the information and inspiration in From Fatigued to Fabulous, simply ask for a refund!

As soon as you place your order, you’ll have instant access to all the materials – over 8 hours of interviews, the companion guide and all the bonus resources. 


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melina2Melina Abbott

Melina is business coach who specializes in helping heart centred entrepreneurs succeed and make a difference.  What people love most about Melina is the way she teaches very practical, step-by-step information based on her own experience from taking an ‘expensive hobby’ to a thriving, six-figure business within two years.  In our interview, Melina will discuss the power of doing work you love, the habits that can hold you back, and the essential ingredients you need if you’ve ever dreamed of starting your own business. Visit Melina at BusinessByResults.com

joyJoy Feldman

Joy  has a masters degree in holistic nutrition and specializes in nutritional balancing science.  For over 19 years, she’s been helping clients achieve optimum wellness.  Besides her thriving private practice, Joy is also the author of  Joyful Cooking and the children’s book, Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?  One of Joy’s great passions is visiting schools to teach children the value of good nutrition (while wearing her fabulous donut wig!)  With us, Joy will share fascinating ways to uncover the root causes of our symptoms and help give our bodies the individualized care we need. Visit Joy at JoyFeldman.com

sarahSarah Finks

Sarah is a feminist fire starter, life strategist, spiritual maven, and a natural living momma. In her former life, before becoming a mom, she was a nurse practitioner. Today, Sarah loves to empower women to discover their true potential.  As a business owner and mom to three young boys, including twins, Sarah knows what it takes to grab life by the reins and teach it to fly in formation! In her interview, Sarah will share some great advice and strategies for those of us who are ‘trying to do it all’ – including ways to prioritize, simplify and tame the overwhelming chaos! Visit Sarah at SarahFinks.com  

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emilyEmily Fletcher

Emily began her extensive training in Vedic meditation in Rishikesh, India under world-renowned meditation instructors.  She was inspired to become a meditation instructor after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers and A Chorus Line. In her interview, Emily will reveal how we can all use meditation to boost our energy, health and productivity.  She has great tips for both seasoned meditators and absolute  beginners, and a simple exercise we can all start using right away! Visit Emily at ZivaMind.com

deniseDenise Hughes

Denise is an inspirational speaker, author, lover of nature, and a sought out financial consultant. The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Financial Advisor, and other prestigious journals seek her advice on matters of love, money and relationships. Once on the brink of divorce over money matters in her own marriage, she now consults with couples, individuals and entrepreneurs on how to make money work in life and business. With us, Denise will share sound advice for gaining control over our finances, “right-sizing” our lives and making room for abundance.   Visit Denise at DeniseHughes.org

DanaDana James

Dana is a triple board certified nutritionist and founder of Food Coach NYC.  She is also the head nutritionist for two anti-aging clinics in New York City and a wellness expert who’s regularly featured in the media. Her appearances include the Today Show, GMA and Martha Stewart Living. In her interview, Dana will shed light on some of the most common causes of extreme fatigue (including some you may not have heard of). She’ll also introduce us to functional medicine and how it’s used to get to the root of health concerns, not just cover up the symptoms.  Visit Dana at FoodCoachNYC.com

KarenKaren Knowler

Karen is a world-renown raw food expert, raw food coach and the  author of Raw Food Made Simple and Eat Right For Your Personality Type.  She’s also a sought-after speaker and media expert, the founder of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches & Teachers and the founder of International Raw Food Day (July 11). In her interview, she’ll reveal her personal journey which led her to ‘go raw’ and how we, too, can use the power and vitality of raw food to heal our bodies, shed excess weight and send our energy levels through the roof!  Vist Karen at TheRawFoodCoach.com

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LorileeLorilee Lippincott

Lorilee and her family have embraced minimalist living in pursuit of travel, new experiences and leaving behind the rat race. She has a BA in International Studies and is the creator of the 30-day course, Simple Living. These days Lorilee can be found teaching English in China, homeschooling her children and writing for her blogs.  In her interview, Lorilee will reveal what it takes to simplify our lives, free up more energy and pursue our wildest goals. Visit Lorilee at LovingSimpleLiving.com 

NatalieNatalie Lue

Natalie, a former ad exec, writes about the complex issues that affect modern relationships in a no holds barred way. She’s firm and real, similar to that friend who will tell you the truth. Her advice is relevant to everyone who has found themselves in a cycle of pain and a bad relationship pattern or who ultimately wants to get thought-provoking insight into living and loving with their self-esteem in tow. With her trademark style, Natalie will give us valuable tips for evaluating our relationships, learning to set healthy boundaries and curing ourselves of “the disease to please”! Visit Natalie at BaggageReclaim.com

AmandaAmanda Moxley

Amanda is a body transformation coach and expert whose first successful client was herself – taking her own body from a size 14 to a size 4 by transforming her unhealthy relationship with food. From there she achieved great success helping other women transform their bodies in her own thriving holistic health coaching practice. Today, Amanda also helps heart-centered women entrepreneurs to create and market a solo business around their own big vision.  With us, she’ll share natural tips to boost our energy and increase our zest for life.  Vist Amanda at AmandaMoxley.com


Diane Sanfilippo

Diane is a certified nutrition consultant and the NY Times bestselling author of Practical Paleo. She specializes in Paleo nutrition, blood sugar regulation, food allergies/intolerances and digestive health. With us, Diane will shed light on the not-so-sweet side of sugar and provide practical tips and tools for kicking the sugar habit to achieve greater energy, vitality and health.  Visit Diane at BalancedBites.com  


Sasha Stephens

Sasha Stephens spent most of her adult life as an academic researcher. For fifteen years she suffered from incessant insomnia. In 2005, a chance event led to Sasha’s complete recovery from this crippling affliction. This miraculous recovery, and research that followed, led to the creation of The Effortless Sleep Method, a highly-reviewed, complete recovery program for chronic insomniacs.  In her interview, Sasha will share valuable tips for establishing good sleep habits and getting a great night’s rest naturally, without the use of sleeping pills.  Visit Sasha at Effortless-Sleep.com

Forget fatigue – feel fabulous! Learn how.

AmyAmy Todisco

Amy is a green living expert, green consultant and life coach. She inspires and educates people, especially pregnant women and new moms, on how to reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals from every day household products and practices. Amy is also a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book, You Make A Difference: 50 Heart Centered Entrepreneurs Share Their Stories of Inspiration and Transformation. In her interview, Amy will share fascinating facts about the toxins in our environment and practical tips to help us live more “green” and consciously.  Visit Amy at GreenLivingNow.com 

AshleyAshley Turner

Ashley is a yoga/meditation teacher, registered marriage and family psychotherapy intern, writer and ordained priestess. She was named the #2 Online Influencer for Stress Relief by Dr. Oz’s Share Care and Wall Street’s M+A Associates named her “40 Under 40″ for significant contributions to the health/wellness sector.  Drawing from many disciplines, including yoga, Neurobiology, Jungian Psychology and Ayurveda, Ashley will help lead us to a better understanding of our true selves and how we can create a deeper mind/body connection.  Visit Ashley at AshleyTurner.org

KimKim West

Kim, also known as “The Sleep Lady,” is a mother and licensed clinical social worker who has been a practicing child and family therapist for more than eighteen years.  She has helped thousands of tired parents all over the world learn to gently teach their child to go to sleep and sleep through the night. Her frequent media appearances include Dr. Phil, Today, CNN and more.  Kim is also the author of several books, including Good Night, Sleep Tight and 52 Sleep Secrets for Babies. With us, she’ll share invaluable tips for taking the drama out of bedtime and developing healthy sleep habits for your child.  Visit Kim at SleepLady.com

JuditaJudita Wignall

Judita is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Educator from the Living Light Culinary Institute. Before she was passionate about holistic health, Judita was a commercial actress and model as well as a singer/songwriter/rocker. Today, she gives lectures, teaches classes and counsels clients around the country to help them become slimmer, more energetic and vibrant. Judita is also the author of two books, Raw & Simple and Going Raw.  In her interview, she’ll share her personal journey to radiant health, a surprising pitfall she encountered, and how you can also simply and easily harness the power of a delicious plant-based diet.  Visit Judita at RawJudita.com

16 fabulous women & a wealth of inspiration. Join us!

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